Garret Players is a volunteer activity at your Fairfield County District Library which brings together people who share an interest in encouraging the educational, cultural and entertainment values of live adult community theatre. 

There are many activities involved in creating community theatre, ranging from artistic and administrative directors and playwrights to the strike crew.  There are many types of theatre experiences we could consider beyond our main stage productions.  We're new and encourage imaginative thinking.

Garret Players invites you to
join us and contribute your talents and enthusiasm. Please let us know that youre interested and what you would like to do.  We want to involve as many people as possible. The 3rd floor of the Library is wheel chair accessible.

What would you like to do?

Play selection, playwright/adapter, scenic design,
Directing, acting, stage management,
Set pieces, props, costumes, lights & sound, vocal/dialect/accent coach,
Audience hospitality,
Marketing, IT, building security,
Teach or take adult acting and directing workshops,

What play would you like to see Garret Players do?

If you have questions or want to participate in Garret Players, please Contact Us or talk with your favorite librarian.

Please let us have your email or snail-mail address so we can keep you up to date.