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Garret Players began in 2012 and brings together people who share an interest in encouraging the educational, cultural and entertainment values of live community theatre.  Our principal format is to present classic and new plays adapted as imaginative and high quality staged-readings presented in the round.  Many other theatrical formats are possible on the third floor of the Library Main Branch.  Whatever the format, audiences experience good stories well told by some of the best actors, designers and directors in Lancaster, Fairfield County and beyond.

Garret Players’ intimate, minimalist staged-reading format invites audience members to engage their imaginations or to just plain have fun.  We also encourage audience participation by having “talk-back” sessions after some performances.  These talk-backs give audience members an opportunity to share their reactions and to talk with the actors about their performances.

Actors find that Garret Players’ staged-reading process without memorizing lines means their time commitment to a quality play is usually no more than two weeks from the first rehearsal to the last performance.  This facilitates more adult participation in the joy of community theatre.  Garret Players is inclusive, providing opportunities to all.   Dating back to A Man for All Seasons in the Spring of 2012, 86 people have acted in our productions, a number we're eager to grow with each play.

Everything Garret Players does is donated, including the time and talents of the actors and crews. There are no admission charges but we ask audience members to consider making donations to the Friends of the Library – a section 501(c)(3) organization.

If you have questions or want to participate in Garret Players, please Contact Us.  Or, talk with your favorite librarian.  Thank You!